Welcome to Obanazawa !

Our city of Obanazawa is nationwide counted as one of three cities with the heaviest snowfall. Moreover, in summer, the watermelon, our cities special product, which is well known and we are proud of the volume of production we produce for Japan. In addition, it is the birthplace of the Japanese folk song "Hanagasa Ondo" on the embankment of Tokura Lake in 1921. Tokura Lake is a rainwater lake located in the center of the city used for irrigation.
Welcome to Obanazawa !

Our nature is snow, our culture is the Hanagasa (Flower hat), and our industry is watermelon production. This our garden city, centers on these three themes, they are the catchphrase of our city.

The main key industry is agriculture, and a lot of farm products are produced by the rich water and earth. There is especially a great difference in temperature between day and night which produces delicious, good quality, rice, watermelon and soba. In recent years we have expanded greatly our cattle production, and to boast, in the northern region of Japan we are the number one producer of black hair beef with breeding numbers of 8300 par capita. Obanazawa beef is a splendid delicious meat which is offered to the whole country. We have a festival every August 15, which celebrates the production of Obanazawa Beef, please, come if you have the opportunity.

About sightseeing, travelling to "Ginzan hot springs" is like stepping into the romantic Taisho Era(about 90 years ago). In addition there is the citizen’s oasis " Tokura Lake" and naturally the "Hanagasa highlands" If it’s the snow scene your interested in, Ginzan hot springs is splendid, many people will visit it throughtout the year especially during the snow season when it is at its most wonderful period.

About culture, remarkable is the visit of haiku poet, Matsuo Basho who wrote part of The Narrow Road to the Deep North in Obanazawa over three hundred years ago. Basho spent ten days in Obanazawa in 1689, the longest stopover of his trip through northern Japan. Many exhibits, relating material and cultural assets are on display in Obanazawa City Basho and Seihu Museum. Today one can tread in Basho’s footsteps along the scenic Natagiri mountain pass and Yousen temple.

If it’s food, culture, or going sightseeing, there are a lot of things that can be recommended. In addition, this city has an attractive making in the future. For us to achieve this we will hold to our motto “To be a people whose hometown is one with nature”. With this image in mind we will strive into the future making the best use of our cities materials.

Obanazawa mayor  Sugane Mitsuo